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Sure, things could always get worse. But I can’t stop believing that they can always be better. So for more than 25 years, I’ve never stopped thinking—of a better idea, word, headline, insight, question or story that forges the strongest connection and elicits the most meaningful action.

Along the way, I tear apart the trite, dispense with the dumb and listen for the lucid.

My copywriter history according to me

Ogilvy & Mather/New York, NY
Was introduced to Elizabeth Taylor’s Passion for Men via my first radio commercial. Impersonated Robin Leach in agency new building film.
TBC/Baltimore, MD & Reno, NV
Immersed myself in Harrah’s hospitality branding—one sports casino, 24-hour buffet and late-night lounge show at a time.
Euro RSCG-Brann/Baltimore, MD
Developed a knack for tackling banking and Bermuda Tourism marketing challenges in the same afternoon.
MGH/Owings Mills, MD
Basked in the reflection of local campaigns I wrote: the random billboard fingerpoint; the knowing waiting room brochure head nod.
RTC Relationship Marketing/Washington, DC
Experienced the healing powers of creating pharmaceutical branded content that survived the scrutiny of the FDA.
Erickson Living marketing department/Catonsville, MD
Confirmed a hunch that the demand for marketing connections that are free of patronizing clichés is an ageless phenomenon.
Notre Dame of Maryland University/Baltimore, MD
Wrote words that were eventually spoken by the university president. In public.
Planit/Baltimore, MD
Generate ideas about building products, education, financial services, healthcare and Halloween costumes that hauntingly resemble me.
Brainstorm Sessions Averted
per day
Industry Buzzwords Deleted
per week
False Deadlines Met
per month
Happy Client Endings
per year

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